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Lesson 1:
Introduction & Interface ($29)
TRT: 25.51
Creating a New Document
The Interface & Control Panel
Creating a Workspace
Lesson 2:
Working with Objects
TRT: 34.13
Introduction to Preferences
Intro to the 3 Primary Obje cts
Rounding Corners
Creating a Text Frame
Drawing Lines
Lesson 3:
TRT: 57:16
Setting Up a Multi-Column Layout
Character Formatting
Paragraph Formatting
Lesson 4:
Aligning Objects
TRT: 19:01
Aligning Objects
The Align Panel
Smart Guides
Lesson 5:
Working with Text
TRT: 45:42
Multi Column Text Boxes
Span Columns
Placing Text
Preview Mode
Overset Text
Text Wrap
Text Frame Options
Paragraph Rules
Baseline Grid
Lesson 6:
Text Styles
TRT: 1:12:38
Paragraph Styles
How to Edit a Style
Style Options
Creating a Style
Make a New Style
Apply Style to Selection
Add to CC Library
Redefining Styles
Based On
Overrides (Part 2)
Style Groups
Duplicating a Style
Fit Frame to Content
Character Styles
Next Style
Drop Caps
Nested Styles
Aligning to Baseline Grid
Clean Up with Tracking
Override Highlighter
Lesson 7:
Object Styles
TRT: 8:54
Creating an Object Style
Applying Next Style
Quick Apply
Lesson 8:
Navigating the Document
& Master Pages ($79)
TRT: 45:18
The Pages Panel
Adding Pages
Navigating Pages
Moving & Deleting Pages
Master Page Items
Creating a New Master Page
Renaming a Master Page
Applying a Master to a Page
Automatic Page Numbering
Character Styles
Parent/Child Relationship
Creating a Nested Style
Facing Pages
Lesson 9:
TRT: 45:18
Placing an Image
Graphic File Formats
Resolution & File Size
Raster vs Vector
Selecting the Image
Fitting Options
Text Wrap
Master Page Items
pplying Effects
Editing an Image
Link Status
Exploring the Links Panel
Character Styles
Creating a New Master Page
Refining the Master
Placing Text in a Master Page Item
Creating a Style Group
Create a New Style
Redefining the Style
Remove Multiple Returns
Placing Multiple Images
Frame Fitting Options
Preview Resolution
Lesson 10:
TRT: 30:41
Applying Color
Creating a Swatch
Tint Swatches
Spot Colors
Ink Manager
Lesson 13:
Advanced Tips
(Subscription Only)
Import from Excel
Reverse Headers
Right Justify Tab
Keyboard Shortcuts
(And more videos added all the time!)
Lesson 11:
Putting it All Together
TRT: 1:53:07
Making the Cover
Using Master Pages
Applying Masters
Layers 2
Text Frame Options
Object Styles
More with Masters
Building Pages
Story Editor
Vertical Justification
Redefining a Style
Making Overrides
Paragraph Styles
Building the Columnist Layout
Placing Text
Show Import Options
Placing Images and Text Wrap
Building the News Page
Aligning to Baseline Grid
Frame The News Page (2)
Fitting Options
Nesting Paragraph Styles
in Object Styles
Linking Text
Creating an Arrow
Continuing with the Feature
Contributors Page
The Feature Section
Hanging Punctuation
Continuing with the Feature
Having Fun with the Feature
Creating Libraries
Sections and Numbering
Creating Style Groups
Building the Table of Contents
Non Printing Objects
Back to the Table of Contents
Formatting the Table of Contents
Lesson 12:
Package/PDF ($29)
TRT: 34.13
Preflight Panel
Creating a Preflight Profile
Exporting to PDF