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The Professional's Guide to Adobe InDesign

What is it?

Do you want to become an InDesign superstar? Let me be your guide. I've been working in the publishing and design field for over 25 years and I've been teaching people just like you how to use Adobe InDesign in a way that will enable you to build rock solid documents and templates. I'll take advanced techniques and make them easy to understand and implement, and I'll make it fun!

This is not just a course with "how-to" videos. I will teach you how to do it RIGHT. You'll learn how to BEST use what InDesign offers!

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"Taking a design course with Jonathan Levit is like being taught to play baseball by Hank Aaron .  Jonathan knows the material inside and out and yet he is patient and encouraging with the beginning learner.  He packs a lot of information into the session and keeps students engaged as they learn.  At the end of the course, you know with great certainty that Jonathan has provided you with the tools you need to design effective documents.  Before you know it, you will knock it out of the ballpark with your documents!"

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what you will learn in this video series.

Learn all the tools you need to design a magazine!

(Yes, we will build this magazine in this series!)

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Save Time

Save Money

Speed Up Your Workflow

Whether you are creating your company newsletter or a daily newspaper, you will learn techniques that will reduce your production time from hours and days to minutes.

Working more efficiently and building better documents will allow you to edit those documents quicker. Less time editing and creating means more time doing something else.

If you are brand new to Adobe InDesign, you will learn the proper foundation to turn you into an advanced user.

And if you have used Adobe InDesign, you will learn proper techniques and features to elevate your production process to new heights.

Who is Your Instructor?

(Hint: It's Jonathan Levit)

With over 25 years of experience working in the design, publishing and production world, I have worked with and helped improve the production workflows of the top magazine, newspapers and advertising agencies in the world, including Nokia, Boeing, Disney, Warner Brothers, Elle, Ogilvy & Mather, The LA times (to name just a few). I have helped them to reduce their production time from hours (and days) to minutes, and have enhanced the aesthetic of their layouts.

And now I’m bringing all of my experience to you in this video series. My years of experience in understanding how to build the best documents and templates can be found within this course.

What You Get

13 Lessons

Over 12 jam-packed hours of training

Over 160 videos in all

Free consultation call with me over Skype

Access to a private community to ask questions of me and other members of this video course.

1 year of free updates, offering videos to introduce and explain new features released in InDesign

What Does it Cost?

This depth of training can cost you thousands of dollars.

Get everything:

12+ hours of video
Over 160 videos
Consultation call
Private Community
1 Year of updates

For Only $499!

“In his teaching forum, Jonathan demonstrated a marvelous mix of professionalism, a dynamic knowledge base of Adobe InDesign and a friendly, patient approachability that made his class fun and engaging throughout.”

“The best instructor I’ve had.”

“Wow, what a great class!”

“Terrific course. I learned a lot and Jonathan was really great! His sense of humor added a lot to the course. Jonathan is the best instructor I’ve ever had!”

“I enjoyed you and your class. I think you’re a great teacher.”

“Jonathan has a great flow to his presentation.”

“It has been an awesome experience!”

If you are looking for just the basics of InDesign, you will find them here. If you want to become an InDesign expert, you need look no further than this comprehensive course.

Jonathan Levit feeds you bite size pieces of InDesign information and before you know it, you’ve eaten the entire elephant.

Because the detailed table of contents makes each subject readily accessible, finding answers to questions is a breeze. I will always keep The Professional’s Guide to Adobe InDesign just a click away.

Become an advanced InDesign user!

Watch all the videos below (over 160 of them) or just watch what you need!

Introduction & Interface


Creating a New Document

The Interface & Control Panel

Creating a Workspace


Working With Objects

Introduction to Preferences

Intro to the 3 Primary Objects &

The Control Panel

Rounding Corners

Creating a Text Frame

Drawing Lines


Setting Up a Multi-Column Layout

Character Formatting


Paragraph Formatting

Aligning Objects

Aligning Objects

The Align Panel

Smart Guides


Working With Text


Multi-Column Text Boxes

Span Columns

Placing Text

Preview Mode

Text Wrap

Text Frame Options

Overset Text

Paragraph Rules

Eye Dropper

Baseline Grid

Text Styles


Paragraph Styles

How to Edit a Style

Creating a Style


Make a New Style

Apply Style to Selection

Add to CC Library

Renaming Styles

Redefining Styles

Based On


Renaming Styles

Setting Defaults

Style Groups

Duplicating A Style

Fit Frame to Content

Character Styles

Next Style

Drop Caps

Nested Styles

Aligning to Baseline Grid

Clean Up with Tracking

Override Highlighter

Object Styles

Creating an Object Style

Applying Next Style

Quick Apply

Navigating the Document
& Master Pages

Understanding the Pages Panel

Adding Pages

Navigating Pages

Moving & Deleting Pages

Creating a New Master Page

Renaming a Master Page

Applying a Master to a Page

Understanding Master Page Items


Automatic Page Numbering

Parent/Child Relationship

Creating a Nested Style

Facing Pages



Placing an Image

Graphic File Formats

Resolution & File Size

Raster vs. Vector

Selecting the Image

Fitting Options

Text Wrap

Applying Effects

Editing an Image

Link Status

Exploring the Links Panel

Creating a New Master Page

Refining the Master

Placing Text in a Master Page Item


Applying Color


Creating a Swatch

Tint Swatches

Spot Colors

Ink Manager

Putting it all Together


Making the Cover

Using Master Pages


Applying Masters

Layers 2

Text Frame Options

Object Styles

More with Masters

Building Pages

Story Editor

Vertical Justification

Redefining a Style

Making Overrides

Paragraph Styles

Building the Columnist Layout

Placing Text

Show Import Options

Placing Images and Text Wrap

Building the News Page

Aligning to Baseline Grid

Continuing to build the News Page

The Feature Section

Hanging Punctuation

Continuing with the Feature

Having Fun with the Feature


Frame Fitting Options

Nesting Paragraph Styles

 in Object Styles

Linking Text

Creating an Arrow

Continuing with the Feature

Contributors Page

Creating Libraries

Sections and Numbering

Creating Style Groups

Building the Table of Contents

Non Printing Objects

Back to the Table of Contents

Formatting the Table of Contents



Preflight Panel

Creating a Preflight Profile



Exporting to PDF

Advanced Tips and Techniques


Reverse Headers

Bullets and numbering

Right Justify Tab


Tab Leader


Align to Grid

Keyboard shortcuts

Table of Contents? (Extra)

CC Libraries

Setting up a non uniform grid


Document Fonts


Custom Baseline Grid

Text clean up


Primary text frame

Rotate Spread View

Align with spine

Layer trick

Building captions.

Anchored Object


Import Options

Book Feature

Transform Again

You will save time

You will save money

You will learn to build documents faster

You will learn techniques that will enable exciting features

Did I mention you’ll save time and money?